LIHEAP Fall Subsidy will operate November 7 through December 16, 2022, or until funding is depleted, whichever comes first.

Please note that if you applied during the LIHEAP Early Registration Phase for Fall Subsidy in October for elderly and disabled citizens, there is no need to reapply during the regular LIHEAP Subsidy Phase.  

Also, through a new partnership with MSD, eligible residents will have the opportunity to apply for MSD’s EWRAP, also known as the Emergency Wastewater Rate Assistance Program.

LIHEAP offices are now conducting in-person appointments. Once again, please note that LIHEAP offices are now conducting in-person appointments.  Clients or their designated representative should allow for 30-60 minutes processing time and must stay to sign the completed application* 

Applicants must be Jefferson County residents with a household income at or below 130 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.  For the Subsidy Component of LIHEAP, residents can apply regardless of the status of their utility bills. In other words, you do not have to have a past-due balance or disconnect notice to be eligible

MSD's EWRAP can provide eligible residents in Jefferson County a 30% discount on wastewater charges and the consent decree surcharge.  Eligibility includes households at or below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines for EWRAP.   Proof of an active utility account with the Louisville Water Company and MSD is also required.  This enrollment period is for new and renewing MSD discount program clients

Residents wishing to apply must schedule an appointment utilizing this online system or by calling our automated phone appointment system at 502-991-8391.

Eligible households can apply for one or both LIHEAP Subsidy and the MSD's EWRAP with one single appointment. Appointments are scheduled in advance utilizing this automated scheduler.

MSD clients who do not meet the income eligibility for MSD’s EWRAP may be eligible for MSD’s Senior Citizen Discount Program, if the client is 65 years of age or older with a gross household income of $35,000 or less per year.   It is recommended you submit your MSD bill with your LIHEAP documentation to see if you qualify for a MSD discount program.

You must obtain confirmation number which is displayed at the end of appointment booking to ensure that your appointment is scheduled; if you do not finish the entire process your appointment may not be saved. Please also read the required documentation to bring to your appointment. Be aware that a scheduled appointment does not prevent disconnection from your utilities. It is your responsibility to stay in touch with your utility provider to make payment arrangements.

Individuals who are unable to apply for this program in person may send a representative on their behalf. Simply provide the representative with a hand-written note, dated and signed from the applicant, giving them permission to handle their application for services, along with the required documentation for the applicant.

You will need paper and pen, your utility account/LG&E or MSD number, the last four numbers of your social security number and date of birth ready to schedule an appointment.

Eligibility for all programs is subject to program calendars, fund availability, appointment availability, verifiable household income and family size. Clients are served on a first-come, first-served basis.

For the LIHEAP program, please read carefully to the required documentation for your in-person scheduled appointment. Failure to bring all required documentation will delay your assistance. We require the documents below:

  • Social Security card(s) or official documentation with Social Security numbers for everyone living in the household (or Permanence Residence/Green Card)
  • Most recent LG&E bill or verification from your landlord that heating expenses are included in your rent. If you participate in the Pre-Pay Electric Program, please present the statement from the utility company and include the account number and name on the account for all heating fuel sources and electric.
  • Proof of all household income from the previous month or proof of no income. Proof of income for the previous month for anyone over the age of 18. Examples of income are:
    • Check stubs for the calendar month prior to your appointment date. (These check stubs MUST show pay dates and gross income for the calendar month previous to your appointment date. If you did not receive the maximum number of checks during a month, you will need to get a verification letter from your employer stating you did not receive the maximum number.
    • OR, Current SSI/Social Security Award letter or Current Food Stamp Award letter
    • OR, Unemployment Check Stubs
  • Examples of items which cannot be accepted are previous LIHEAP applications, bank statements, copies of benefit checks, and 1099 tax forms. We cannot accept K-TAP letters or Medical Coverage Letters as proof of other income.
  • All individuals 18 or over in the household with no income -- and no way to document that status such as a Food Stamp Award letter -- must have a Proof of No Income Form completed prior to applying for benefits. These forms are available at

To apply for the MSD EWRAP Discount Program, you must present:

  • Proof of household income demonstrating 150% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  • Proof of active utility account with Louisville Water Company and/or MSD. (i.e. Named customers with MSD, receiving metered water service for a property used solely for residential purposes, and owned or leased by customer as principal residence).
  • Proof of a Social Security Number or Permanent Residence card (Green Card) for each member of the household

Proof of age (must provide driver’s license, state ID, or birth certificate) if apply for the MSD Senior Discount Program

The gross household income for LIHEAP clients must fall at or below 130% of the federal poverty guidelines. The gross household income to qualify for MSD’s EWRAP is 150% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Please note after reviewing your documents we may request additional information to complete your application.

2022-23 LIHEAP Income Eligibility Guidelines
130 % Federal Poverty Guidelines
Household Size Monthly Income
1 $1,473
2 $1,984
3 $2,495
4 $3,007
5 $3,518
6 $4,029
7 $4,541
8 $5,052
For each additional household member above 8, add $511 to the monthly income limit.

2022-23 MSD Income Eligibility Guidelines
150 % Federal Poverty Guidelines
Household Size Monthly Income
1 $1,699
2 $2,289
3 $2,879
4 $3,469
5 $4,059
6 $4,649
7 $5,239
8 $5,829
For each additional household member above 8, add $590 to the monthly income limit.


Louisville Metro Community Services seeks to reduce poverty and help low-income citizens of Jefferson County, Kentucky to meet critical needs and become self-sufficient.

There are seven LIHEAP locations:

  • South Central Neighborhood Place located at 4255 Hazelwood Avenue, 40215
  • Neighborhood Place Ujima located at 3610 Bohne Avenue, 40211
  • Bridges of Hope Neighborhood Place located at 1411 Algonquin Parkway, 40210
  • Newburg Community Center located at 4810 Exeter Avenue, 40218
  • Cane Run Neighborhood Place, located at 3410 Lees Lane, 40216
  • Northwest Neighborhood Place (West Wing Doors) located at 4018 W. Market St., 40212
  • Charmoli Center Neighborhood Place 9100 Marksfield Road, Suite 100, 40222 

Within minutes of making your appointment, you should receive a confirmation email with a calendar appointment attached to the email. In addition, you will also receive a phone reminder the day before your appointment.

Appointments can be changed or canceled at any time on this website. You can also make or cancel an appointment at any time (24/7) using our automated phone system by dialing (502) 991-8391 and following the instructions.